Our English magazine presents various topics regarding the local German culture as well as events in the Herzogenaurach area.

It will be of interest to expats to learn about their local community and customs and to our German viewers, as they have the opportunity to listen to native speakers from various countries.


Golf Club Herzogenaurach - Juni 2023

There's never a dull day at the Golf Club Herzogenaurach. The 18-hole golf course, spread over an area of 70 hectares in Burgstall, offers golfers of all skill-levels - from beginners to elite players - challenges that make them come back for more.
Healthy cooking - Mai 2023

Looking for some quick and nutritious recipes? For years our guest Lotta Valdmaa has been championing a healthy lifestyle and has some easy options for us.
HI meets American author Laura Rueckert - April 2023

We celebrate April 23rd's World Book Day with an interview with young adult fiction writer Laura Rueckert.
CO2 Challenge - März 2023

With its 14 daily challenges, the CO2 Challenge project shows us that not all changes have to be drastic. There are small steps that we can take to reduce our carbon footprint. The Gymnasium Herzogenaurach is also doing its bit with a clothes swapping event for its students.
Meeting the Karnevalsclub Herzogenaurach - Februar 2023

We joined the Karnevalsclub during their rehearsals and their first night performance of this year's Karnival extravaganza.
Zonta says NO - Januar 2023

We interview Herzogenaurach's current president Karin Hesse about the 'Zonta says NO' campaign.
The New Year's Speech of the Mayor - Dezember 2022

In his annual New Year's Speech Dr. German Hacker looks back at the major projects of the past year and informs the residents of Herzogenaurach about the plans for 2023.
Germany's Fachwerkstraße - Dezember 2022

Each time you take a stroll around Herzogenaurach’s town centre, you’re on Germany’s Fachwerkstrasse - but what exactly are you walking along? We find out all you need to know in this month's report.
Energy and the Environment - November 2022

We discuss Herzogenaurach's energy usage with Dr. German Hacker. We also visit the Gymnasium for an interesting environmental project that could have a big impact on the school.
Perspective is Life - Oktober 2022

In this their second exhibition at the Kunstraum, the artists Lana Karim and Shaho Penjwen share their hopes and dreams for the future. Join us as we take a closer look at the art as well as the artists themselves.
September in Herzogenaurach - September 2022

We've taken a look at what's on offer in Herzogenaurach throughout September. It's a month full of events for all the family.
60 Years of Herzogenaurach's Airfield - August 2022

We fly back in time to learn about the origins of our airfield and what keeps this busy little corner of Herzo propelling forwards.
Young Achievers #3: Subin Ko - Juli 2022

Su Bin has come a long way since her first day here in an unfamiliar country, aided in part by her love for music. Now fluent in German, she moves seamlessly between the two cultures - German and South Korean - that have been a part of her life for the past 10 years.
Children helping others - Juni 2022

Special fundraising activities from the young children of Villa Herzolino and Herzogenaurach's Middle School
Young Achievers #2: Gabriella and her Goals - Mai 2022

Nothing stops this young Canadian from running her life! Along her way she has established herself into the heart and hearts of her community through a shared passion for Germany’s favourite sport... soccer.
Star Wars Exhibition at the Museum - April 2022

The city museum welcomes spring with a Sci-fi exhibition and a fun event. HI celebrates its 10th anniversary with a look back at a seasonal report from 2016.
Young Achievers #1 - Author and poet Priyankha Kamalakannan - März 2022

For decades Herzogenaurach has been home to people from all over the world. Priyankha, Gabriella and Su Bin are three young expats who are growing up here and are part of the vibrant fabric of this cosmopolitan community. Learn about their lives, challenges and what they are passionate about.
Herzo's Market - Past, Present and Future - Februar 2022

For our February report we've delved into the history of Herzogenaurach's Farmers market and bring you up to date with the current debate on its future.
Food for Thought - Januar 2022

Implementing healthy choices in our diet is a common New Year’s Resolution. But, the P-Seminar students at Herzogenaurach’s Gymnasium take us to a new level to motivate us to stay with it.
The New Year's Speech of the Mayor - Dezember 2021

In his annual New Year's Speech Dr. German Hacker looks back at the major projects of the past year and informs the residents of Herzogenaurach about the plans for 2022.
Season’s Greetings from the International team - Dezember 2021

We're bringing you seasonal cheer with musical notes from Herzogenaurach's youth choirs and the music school. Find out about the pop-up store in Hauptstraße - the perfect place for your Christmas shopping.
Eating Out - November 2021

For nearly two years Covid has been wreaking havoc with our lives and livelihoods. Some of us have been relatively lucky, while others have had a really tough time. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Meet two entrepreneurs in the hard-hit gastronomy sector who took the plunge this year despite all the challenges.
Stories from Herzogenaurach - Oktober 2021

We take a dive into the book of ‘Stories from Herzogenaurach‘, and find out what translator Julie Kähler enjoyed most about working on the project.
Fair Trade and Cultural Highlights - September 2021

In our first report this month we give you an update of the Fair-Trade scene in Herzogenaurach. Save the date for "hin and herzo" (Sept. 24th-26th), if you are looking for "Happiness".
Shooting and Archery in Herzogenaurach - August 2021

The Schützengilde started out centuries ago as a guild for the defenders of our town. Over time its mission completely changed and it now promotes shooting as a sport. Despite all the changes, one thing remains the same - the love for shooting.
Sustainability and Herzogenaurach - a review of the basics - Juli 2021

Ille Prockl-Pfeiffer, advocate for a fair Herzo, and Heike Schaefter, creator of an upcycling business "Your Tube" present their views on today's stand of sustainability.
Music School - Juni 2021

The music school in Herzogenaurach is currently accepting registrations for the school year that starts in September 2021. From the ever-popular piano, violin and guitar to exotic instruments like the zither and ocarina, there's a lot to choose from. - The environment is at the forefront of our minds and we often wonder what difference we can make locally. Well, here’s a tree planting initiative that we can all get involved with.
Cycling for Better Air - Mai 2021

An initiative to get you and your bikes in shape and...join the Stadtradeln Event May 8-28.
2. Ausgabe - April 2021

There have been so many up and downs and changes on the pandemic front recently that sometimes it is difficult to keep track of them all. We take a look at two very specific topics - vaccination & testing. We've also got some ideas to help you enjoy the beautiful spring weather safely. Download the running app and join the charity run for Herzogenaurach's partner town in Burkina Faso
Life in the Time of a Pandemic - April 2021

There have been so many up and downs and changes on the pandemic front recently that sometimes it is difficult to keep track of them all. We take a look at two very specific topics - vaccination & testing. We've also got some ideas to help you enjoy the beautiful spring weather safely.
Brewing through time - from the community brew house to Bierfabrik Hoehn - März 2021

Join us on a journey through the history of beer making, from Herzogenaurach's first registered brewers through to the town's newest brewer: Mathias Hoehn
Moving online during lockdown - Februar 2021

Betty Reyes discusses adapting to lockdown and helps us relax with a two minute breathing technique. We also look at herzoMARKT, Herzo's new online shopping platform.
Two people whose special interests have led to interesting lifestyles and careers - Januar 2021

Urban Spaces in India: A look at modern-day India with all its contradictions, through the lens of Florian Lang, a photographer from Herzogenaurach who lives and works in Delhi. Lotta Larsson Valdmaa tells us about her inspiring lifestyle-change after finding a better balance through food, exercise and a positive outlook.
The New Year's Speech of the Mayor - Dezember 2020

Dr. German Hacker invites the residents of Herzogenaurach to take a look back at the past year and also ahead to what we can expect in the year 2021.
International Cooking: Franconian cuisine - Dezember 2020

Schäufele with Klöße and Sauerkraut - what could be more Franconian than that! Our guest Martin Paulus guides us through the various steps and makes it all look so easy. - Seasonal news from Herzobusinesses
Shopping in Herzogenaurach - November 2020

We’ve been out and about for this month’s report meeting a few local retailers, and have discovered that we have a great variation of goods, services and expert knowledge available for us right here in Herzogenaurach.
Leisuretime highlights from summer and autumn - Oktober 2020

We have been looking back over the culture & leisure highlights enjoyed this summer in Herzogenaurach. And we’ve visited locations where we can enjoy covid-safe leisure time right now.
Activities for all ages - September 2020

Join us on a visit to TC66, Herzogenaurach’s tennis club, and meet members of all ages enjoying the activities and facilities. We have also been in town this month enjoying the revamped riverside walkway with its improved seating areas and fitness equipment.
Herzogenaurach's Fortifications - August 2020

Have you ever wondered how the residents of Herzogenaurach protected themselves from military conquests in medieval times? Or about the history behind some of the centuries-old structures dotted about the old town? All it takes is a short walk about the old town to uncover a host of interesting answers.
Heinz Czellnik - Stork Watcher - Juli 2020

The man behind a decade long chronicle about Herzogenauch‘s Storks
Juni 2020
  • Donation to the Tafel with the help of stylish community masks
  • "I can" - a heartwarming book about an unusual dog
  • The Freibad team takes efforts to open the pool on the 8th of June
What is our new normal with Covid 19? - Mai 2020

As more shops once again open their doors for us, we are far from being back to normal. What does this new reality mean for us in Herzogenaurach. Can we expect our much loved swimming pools or festivals to be open this summer? "Herzogenaurach packt an" - a fundraising initiative to improve the situation in the refugee camps on tne Greek islands
Can we live without plastic? - April 2020

In this report we meet up with a group of environmentalists who, together with the Jugendhaus Rabatz, organized the project "Good-bye Plastic" and showed up possible ways to reduce the use of plastic.
März 2020 Episode 2
  • How did Herzogenaurach vote in the local elections?
  • The Herzogenaurach Quilting Bee celebrate their 30th anniversary
What you need to know about local elections - März 2020

We take a look at German politics and meet some of the candidates - in preparation for voting in the upcoming local elections.
English Language Content at the Public Library - Februar 2020

For some years, the public library in Herzogenaurach has been upgrading its collection of English books and other media. From books to DVDs to games as well as events for children and adults - there is now a lot on offer for all age groups.
Tafel, a banquet table for all - Januar 2020

The food bank organisation Tafel has a dedicated team of volunteers who help to ensure that people in need have food on their table. We meet the people leading the team in Herzogenaurach.
The New Year's Speech of the Mayor - Dezember 2019

In his annual New Year's speech Dr. German Hacker looks back at the major projects of the past year and informs the residents of Herzogenaurach about the plans for 2020.
International Cooking: Serbian Christmas Specialities - Dezember 2019

Food, family and fun are at the heart of Christmas celebrations in Serbia. Our guest Tatjana Radosavljevic shares two traditional recipes that conjure up happy memories of this festive season.
November 2019
  • Run for the Oceans
  • A Small Farm with a Big Heart
Diwali, the festival of lights - Oktober 2019

It's that time of the year again! Diwali, the most popular Hindu festival, is just around the corner. We take a journey around India with dance, and learn about this festival.
Recreational Beekeeping in Herzogenaurach - September 2019

Every tiny effort in nature conservation is a valuable addition to our environment. In this report we will meet a group of nature loving people and learn about their passion in beekeeping.
August 2019
  • Discovering the history and special ties between Herzogenaurach and its partner towns.
  • The Zonta Club launches Hezogenaurach's first networkmeeting in the Pfarrzentrum St. Madgalena.
International Cooking: Ratatouille - the Mediterranean Classic - Juli 2019

Our guest from Southern France presents her favourite vegetable dish, based on a recipe from her grandmother.
Bilingual Schools Initiative in Bavaria - Juni 2019

The 4-year trial period for the Bilingual Elementary Schools initiative throughout Bavaria is coming to an end. We visited the Cunz-Reyther-Grundschule in Niederndorf to learn about their experience teaching English right from the first grade and their plans for the future.
Upcycling and Urban Gardening - Mai 2019

Looking for some inspiration for your next project? The Gymnasium has some interesting ideas to transform junk into something better as well as an initiative to grow herbs and vegetables on a very small scale. Give it a shot! You won’t be disappointed
April 2019
  • A look through the lens at photographic opportunities and stories from Herzogenaurach.
  • Your one-stop shop for anything related to sewing, knitting and crochet in Herzogenaurach.
Chess Club Herzogenaurach - März 2019

The oldest game in the world has a number of passionate fans right here in Herzogenaurach. What better way to unwind on a Friday evening than a casual or stimulating game of chess with an interesting group of people.
Februar 2019
  • The townhall has moved to a new location
  • The vision and missions of the Zonta Club
Bilingual Concert at the Elementary School in Niederndorf - Januar 2019

Learning a language doesn't have to be all work. The students of the Elementary School in Niederndorf had a blast while brushing up on their English.
New Year's Address from the Mayor - Dezember 2018

In his annual New Year's message Dr. German Hacker looks back at the major projects of the past year and informs the residents of Herzogenaurach about the plans for 2019.
International Cooking - Chinese Rice Balls in Sweet Ginger Soup - Dezember 2018

Our guest from Taiwan presents a delicious, yet easy to make Chinese snack not to be missed in this festive season.
Warding off the Winter Blues - November 2018

Embrace nature and exercise to get you through the winter
The Herzo Rhinos! - Oktober 2018

American Football in Herzo
Chinese Brush Painting - September 2018

Alexandrina Fridericiana Navis - a Roman Craft - August 2018

Discover the story of a replica Roman ship built in Erlangen that you might get the chance to experience for yourself
City Tour Guides - Juli 2018

From the Fränkisches Freilandmuseum in Bad Windsheim to three local beer gardens - Juni 2018

From the Fränkisches Freilandmuseum in Bad Windsheim to three local beer gardens…….. we share with you places where you can experience the beauty of Franconia in our own backyard.
Der Bratwurstgipfel - Mai 2018

The Bratwurst culture in Franconia is flourishing. From the original Nuremberg "Rostbratwurst" to the creative specialties offered at the annual Frankische Bratwurstgipfel in Pegnitz, you will be tempted!
Dr. Seuss Day at the Elementary School in Niederndorf - April 2018

Who knew reading could be so much fun? Dr. Seuss did! A group of children took his advice to heart and “had lots of fun that is funny.”
Neville Tranter and his Stuffed Puppets - März 2018

Babylon - a thought-provoking original “Stuffed Puppet” theater presented by Neville Tranter
Flowers of India - Januar 2017

Celebrate the Yuletide season - Dezember 2017

Celebrate the Yuletide season - December 2017 Advent and Christmas traditions that bring out the true spirit of the season
A November weekend filled with traditional German events - November 2017

Mid November annual events in the historic center of town: Martinmas Fair, Saint Martin's lantern procession and the start of the Fifth Season.
International Cooking - Yorkshire Pudding and Trifle - Oktober 2017

Nina Byrne and her son Nyall prepare two traditional English dishes:the savoury side-dish Yorkshire Pudding and the sweet dessert Trifle
Exploring the Botanical Gardens in Erlangen - September 2017

If you are prepared to explore there is plenty to discover at the Botanical Gardens in Erlangen. You can experience the complexity and beauty of plants from around the world throughout the entire year.
August 2017
  • Son of Light Project - Nepal Singing Bowls
  • March goes out with a beautiful Klang in St Magdelena
Krippenfreunde Herzogenaurach - Juli 2017

Krippenfreunde Herzogenaurach e.V.- a nativity verein that is active throughout the entire year
Juni 2017
  • Plastic bottle cap collection to help eradicate Polio worldwide - a Rotary Club project
  • "The Great Gatsby"- The English drama group of the Gymnasium Herzogenauch puts F. Scott Fitzgerald's bestseller on the school stage
45th anniversary of the 'Städtische Musikschule Herzogenaurach' - Mai 2017

The Herzogenaurach music school is celebrating its 45th anniversary with a variety of concerts throughout the year. We try to give you an insight into the work, courses and ensembles of the Städtische Muskischule.
Light dishes from Armenia - April 2017

International Cooking - Light dishes from Armenia, presented by 3 cooks from 3 generations
Canine Rehabilitation - März 2017

Canine Rehabilitation: The Dogs & Water Physiotherapy practice in Aurachtal-Falkendorf
The three traditional family bakeries in Herzogenaurach - Februar 2016

Bread is a necessity in the daily life of a German. We are fortunate to have three traditional family bakeries in Herzogenaurach. We go behind the scenes to learn what makes each of these bakeries special.
New Year's Address from the Mayor - Dezember 2016

Over the past year there have been many changes around town and new ideas for the future of Herzogenaurach. Dr. German Hacker reads his annual State-of-the-City address.
Dezember 2016
  • The Spirit of Advent and Christmas Season
November 2016
  • Herzo's Men's Basketball Team, the Longhorns
  • November is International Picture Book Month: Spotlight on the children's book, "The Owl's Supper"
Oktober 2016
  • Clothmaking in Herzogenaurach
September 2016
  • Gospel music in Herzogenaurach
August 2016
  • Selbstbedienung: milk dispenser in Welkenbach and more
  • International cooking demonstration: Brazilian carrot cake
Juli 2016

Experience the history of Franconia at the Fränkisches Freilandmuseum in Bad Windsheim
Juni 2016
  • 20th Anniversary of the Hessdorf Balloon Meet
  • Horsebackriding for children - a visit to the Reiterhof Scheller in Beutelsdorf
Mai 2016

Bücher, Medien & mehr: World Book Day and so much more ...
April 2016
  • The arrival of spring and Osterbrunnen in the area
  • Cunz-Reyther Elementary School Niederndorf bilingual first grade class
März 2016
  • Die Nähbar, a handcraft studio and cafe
  • meet.greet.eat PLUS at the Freie evangelische Gemeinde Herzogenaurach
Februar 2016
  • Go(t)together, a monthly bilingual German English Lutheran Church Service
  • A portrait of Anita Leutwiler, 2015 Culture Award winner
Januar 2016
  • Cultural Days: "Dear Mother" - a photo exhibition
  • New Year's Address from the Mayor
Dezember 2015
  • Things to do and places to go in December
  • Grandma Waltraud's christmas Cookies
  • "Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht" - 2014 Christmas Eve Mass at St. Magdalena's
November 2015
  • Harvest Moon Jamboree Weisendorf
  • An afternoon of Bluegrass music in Erlangen
Oktober 2015
  • Realschule language travel to Broadstairs, England
  • International cooking demonstration : Korean vegetable pancake
September 2015
  • Beyond the academic curriculum: Summer concert at the Gymnasium
  • The changing face of Herzogenaurach: the continuing cultural diversity within the last generation
August 2015

Twenty years of change - foreign influences from the 1950s to the 1970s
Juli 2015
  • Altstadtfest and the added bonus, “how to make Kuechle”
  • Rock in Bad, Sunday afternoon concerts
  • A bargain hunters paradise - Herzogenauracher Garagenflohmarkt
Juni 2015
  • Herzogenaurach's first immigration wave after WW2
  • International cooking: Aloo Bonda - Indian Breadrolls
Mai 2015
  • Run for Kaya in conjunction with the Earthday Run
  • Herzophonics play for the refugee initiative
April 2015
  • The Forest around Herzogenaurach
  • Town Museum - over 1000 years of history
  • The StUB Referendum
März 2015
  • Quilting Bee Herzogenaurach
  • The Nostalgia Ball Impressions
Februar 2015
  • Introduction - The changing faces of Herzogenaurach
  • Refugee Initiative
  • Atlantis, it is not just kids
Januar 2015
  • Canada - a personal perspective
  • New Year's Address from the Mayor
Dezember 2014
  • St. Martin and the Geese
  • December events in Herzogenaurach
November 2014
  • A Walk with the Mayor
  • The Legend of St. Martin
Oktober 2014
  • Jazz Drummer Mareike Wiening
  • Bollywood Flash Mob in Erlangen
  • Dress for Success - Women Helping Women
September 2014

"It is normal to be different" - the Lebenshilfe Erlangen-Höchstadt
August 2014
  • Boogies BBQ: A Memphis style smokehouse
  • Weisendorf walking trails
  • Genussguide Herzogenaurach
Juli 2014
  • The process of raising the Kerwa Tree
  • Things to know when you own a dog
Juni 2014
  • Huckepack Self-pick Farm in Hüttendorf
  • Local Health Food Store: Reformhaus Dorweiler
  • Earth Day 2014: Clean Energy - Green Cities
Fair Trade Town Herzogenaurach - Mai 2014

In March 2013 Herzogenaurach was awarded the label Fair Trade Town. This label is not only an award but also an obligation to raise the public's awareness and interest in this important issue.
Cultivating White Asparagus around Herzogenaurach - April 2014

In this report from 2007 we accompany a farmer from Kairlindach through the stages of cultivating, harvesting, selling and preparing "Spargel" - the queen of German vegetables.
März 2014
  • Pancake Day
  • How to Vote in Communal Elections
Februar 2014
  • News from the VHS Herzogenaurach
  • Samba Festival: the Secrets of Capoeira
Januar 2014
  • Children's Sports
  • Children's Aid Afghanistan - A Project Seminar at the Gymnasium Herzogenaurach
  • The English Dramatic Society of Erlangen University
Christmas Special - Dezember 2013
  • American Christmas Songs with Wiletta Carson
  • Alpine Christmas Concert with the Choir Boys of St. Magdalena
  • Silent Night by the INA Bigband
Dezember 2013
  • Zonta's Silent Action on November 25th
  • Nativity Scenes in Haundorf
  • The Dutch Tradition of Sinterklaas
November 2013
  • Sewing Heart Pillows at Welker's
  • STOP India NGO
  • Christmas in a Shoebox
Oktober 2013
  • A Farewell Concert for Laura Baxter
  • Pumpkin Carving
September 2013
  • The Tradition behind the “Schultüte”
  • The Herzogenaurach Library
  • How to Get a Fishing License – an Improper Guide
August 2013
  • Emotions - an art exhibition in the Galerie Treppenhaus
  • Stadtjugendkapelle - Herzogenaurach's successful brass and woodwind youth orchestra
  • Toastmasters - a worldwide club for the promotion of speaking and leadership skills.
Juli 2013
  • Brewing beer at the Heller Brewery
  • Track and field at the TSH
  • The holiday program offered by the recreational office
Juni 2013
  • In 80 minutes around the world - with the Herzo Singers
  • A British Tea Party at the Volkshochschule
  • The King's Singers in Herzo
Mai 2013
  • The Klostermalz malthouse in Frauenaurach
  • Expats in Herzo - an Interview with the Mayor
April 2013
  • Competitive Gymnastics at the TSH
  • Irish Night at the Bayerischer Hof
  • St. Patrick's Mass in Nuremberg
  • Easter Fountains
End of the Carp Season - März 2013

Carnival - Februar 2013

What do people celebrate in Herzogenaurach - Fasching or Carnival?
Januar 2013
  • The Three Kings
  • Latin Night
  • Ballet-Dancing
Dezember 2012
  • Baking Christmas Cookies with Max and Paul
  • News from the Franconian International School
November 2012
  • The tradition of brewing
  • bunco
Oktober 2012
  • The carp season has begun
  • The Herzo Bridge Club
September 2012: International exchanges
  • Pupils from Sheffield at the Gymnasium Herzogenaurach
  • Pupils from the Realschule in Wales
  • Scouts from Wladimir in Frauenaurach
August 2012
  • What's so special about the Sommerkirchweih
  • PUMA's Jamaica Summer Party
Juli 2012
  • German kindergardens for international residents?
  • Altstadtfest
  • Midsummer customs
Juni 2012
  • English Book Club
  • Herzo Singers
  • Herzogenaurach Hospice
Mai 2012
  • English native speakers help students at the annual tenth grade "Mock English Exam Speaking Test" at the Realschule.
  • Cellist Christine Werner organizes a chamber music masterclass workshop with renowned lecturers from England and Germany.
April 2012
  • Spotlight on IWG Members
  • Girl Scouts celebrate World Thinking Day